1]  STOCK the Freezer!
Take a few hours each weekend to make a few simple meals to have on hand when things get crazy. You could make a simple tomato sauce and use that as a base for Chili, Spaghetti Sauce and Minestrone Soup. You will be all set for those uber-busy evenings when you may have been tempted to grab a highly processed or fast food dinner.


What’s with all the rich baking at this time of year?  Do you need a cookie exchange resulting in dozens of tempting goodies haunting you? Make a few family favourites and freeze them for occasional treats. If you are gifting goodies, make a layered mason jar of dry ingredients and tie the recipe on with a pretty bow.


3]  HEALTHY Foodie Gifts
Get together with kids or friends and make some BBQ spice mix, salad dressing herb mix or popcorn mix for great foodie or hostess gifts.
Make dinner for a favourite friend or a lovely warming winter soup as a gift, they will be so grateful.


4]  SNACK attack
Most of our issues with not so healthy choices revolve around being unprepared.  Stock your kitchen, car and purse with mini snack bags filled with nuts seeds, and dried fruit. Keep mandarin oranges, apples and grapes ready to grab. Mini bags of popcorn are also great for a quick snack. Be Prepared!


5]  KEEP Hydrated!
Make sure you bring water when you head out for the day. Keep some lemon or lime water in the fridge ready to go. Avoid drinking your meals, those eggnog lattes and other rich drinks are chock full of unhealthy fats and sugar.
Not only do they lack nutrients but you will experience a predictable energy drain after you fill up on these sugary drinks.