Most parents dread this part of the back to school routine.  STIR have some helpful suggestions to get you off on the right foot.


1-LEFTOVERS! Whether it’s last night’s curry warmed up in a thermos, quinoa made into a salad or roasted veggies tucked in a wrap with some hummus, leftovers are a game changer.

Cook at least 3 extra servings every night, you can freeze individual portions if you have extra.



Sometimes “who” packed the lunch is more important than “what” is in it! Interview your kids and stock up on their ”likes”! If they pack their own they are more likely to eat it!

Make a checklist on the fridge with ideas under each of the major categories :

1)Protein choices:ie chicken, eggs, tofu, seed or nut butters(is permitted) beans/peas/ lentils, cheese

2)Fruit, Vegetables: apples, berries, bananas, veggie sticks or cooked/roasted

3 )Whole grains/rice/pasta: whole grain or sourdough bread, pasta, brown rice, quinoa

4] Healthy snacks: hummus or bean dip/ fruit or veggies, seed butter/apples, plain yogurt with fruit/honey, nuts and seeds, homemade pizza slice, whole grain crackers and cheese



If your child regularly brings home a full lunch bag, there is an issue. Kids need to fuel their brains and bodies, try and get to the bottom of the eating strike right away.

If they are bored with the same old thing try…

Choosing a theme occasionally, Italian with a skewer of tomato and mozzarella cheese, and pasta with a healthy meat sauce. Mexican lunch could include mini taco’s, salsa/ guacamole and corn chips with a bean and corn salad.

Try different nut/seed and dried fruit mixes, popcorn with a tasty spice mix or some pita or kale chips to keep things interesting



Pack lunches the night before. If you are using leftovers, pack right after dinner and tuck them in the fridge, ready for the am. rush.Heat thermos contents in the am.

Lunches in a jar are fun and easy! Have your kids do a food jar idea search on the internet,There is an endless number of great ideas that are fun and delicious.

Pick up a lunch box container with dividers. It makes the whole process easier and more healthy. Kids can fill the separated sections with their nutritious choices.

We want our kids to learn to pack and eat healthy food to fuel their brains and their activities! Set them (and yourself) up for healthy , delicious lunches this fall!

Need ideas?

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