The new year is classically a time when after a few too many sugar plums…

we start dieting.  Unfortunately diets imply going on a diet and going off a diet, which usually means weight loss or positive changes to healthier eating are temporary and often forgotten in a few weeks.

In steps the Intuitive Diet. In a world of keto, low carbs, calorie counting and fasting diets, this may seem to be a radical approach to eating. However, Intuitive Eating is simply listening to your body, and when you are full you stop eating

It seems that we eat for so many other reasons than our body being satisfied that intuitive eating actually helps us get back to the set point (our body’s natural weight) when we actually listen to our bodies vs all the moral dilemmas and emotion around food.

Somehow the hundreds of millions of dollars spent on the diet industry has not translated into us actually losing weight and eating healthier. Obesity is at an all time high with diabetes and heart disease on the rise.

So, maybe we should try removing food from the good/bad equation, kale is good, fries are bad…thin people are good/overweight people are bad…

and simply honour your hunger as a need for nutrition, respect when you are full, respect the health of your body and eat to support that, move your body everyday,

savour food and really taste it, respect your body and treat it well, honour your feelings without food, make peace with food and don’t ban foods as they will become your cravings and most of all…

Reject the diet mentality.


Live a healthy mindful life and include food as part of your body’s daily health and well being!