If you have ever been in the kitchen with a professional chef you would be shocked at the amount of “seasoning” that goes on…often heaping handfuls of salt going into pots and dishes during cooking.

A good chef knows the perfect balance of enhancing the flavour of the food vs. over-powering it.  When we probed a bit more we found that most chefs are using kosher salt in the kitchen. Why is this?

The large uniform crystals in kosher salt are easy to pick up and provide ½ of the sodium per ounce than finer grain salt. Kosher salt also has a cleaner flavour than iodized salt. The Kosher aspect is the application of this salt as it melts on meat during preparation.

Sodium is a key factor in heart disease, stroke and kidney dysfunction. The average Canadian consumes 3400mg. a day of sodium, more than ½ of the recommended 1,000-1500 mg. per day.

Where is all the sodium hiding? Processed and fast foods are famous for their high sodium content, salty snacks and crackers, convenience /pre-made meals, processed bread products, ham, salami, jerky, canned soups, store-bought sauces/ gravies, and cottage cheese!

The solution? Buy and cook your foods and season yourself!

Eat food in its natural state, unprocessed, unrefined and whole!

Try using kosher salt to season during your cooking!