This week’s cookbook isn’t really a cookbook, however, it is an essential tool for those home cooks who like to experiment with creating their own recipes.  Are

you the type of cook who doesn’t use a recipe, or starts to follow along with a recipe then by the end you have completely gone off in your own direction?  If so, then this book is for you.  The Flavor Bible by Karen Page is the perfect tool for creating your own meals and recipes in the kitchen with some ingredient pairing guidance.  This is especially helpful when you are experimenting with new flavours from around that world.  What I love most about it is that it helps you understand flavour compatibility.  It breaks foods down into their basic ingredients then gives each their own flavour profile.  Then, the best part, it provides a list of all the other foods that pair well with it in a recipe or meal.  Flavour affinities are essential to creating a delicious, cohesive dish.  At ~ 450 pages, you are bound to find just about every ingredient you could possibly be searching for.  For example, Ginger is considered sour, sweet and hot.  Its volume is LOUD!  Techniques are many:  bake, candy, dry, fresh, pickle, etc.  Pairs well with:  bok Chou, cardamom, carrots, cashews, cauliflower, cilantro, cinnamon, eggplant, figs, grapefruit, etc.

There are two versions of the book – The Flavor Bible and The Vegetarian Flavor Bible, so just choose the one that best suits your diet.