Cookbook Musings – Oh She Glows

I first found Oh She Glows as a blog. The recipes were intriguing and healthy; I was drawn in by the bright, colourful images of food!  A cookbook of the same name emerged from the blog a few years later … read more

Cookbook Musings – Flavor Bible

This week’s cookbook isn’t really a cookbook, however, it is an essential tool for those home cooks who like to experiment with creating their own recipes.  Are you the type of cook who doesn’t use a recipe, or starts to … read more

Cookbook Musings – Vegetarian India

This book is essential for your library if you are a fan of Indian food.   Madhur Jaffrey is a prolific author of several cookbooks, many of which have won James Beard Awards. One of my favourite parts of the book … read more

Cookbook Musings – Rebar

REBAR: a classic vegetarian Cookbook and go-to Victoria restaurant! The Rebar cookbook is a staple recipe collection in our household.  So many of our friends already have it on their cookbook shelves. I have never cooked a recipe from the … read more

Cookbook Musings – Thug Kitchen

Warning, if you are easily offended by profanity, then this book is not for you! I heard about Thug Kitchen years ago from my cousin, Nic, who showed me the trailer for the soon-to-be released cookbook.  See trailer here.  It … read more

Cookbook Musings-Keep it “SIMPLE” by Ottolenghi

There comes a time when you really get into your cookbooks, like cooking more than 1 recipe from 1 cookbook?! I have been really enjoying the Ottolenghi cookbook “Simple” for more than one dinner lately. The recipes are really simple, … read more

Planning a Pandemic Pantry

The way we shop, cook, and eat has changed quite a bit in the last month for most of us.  Infrequent shopping trips mean we have to make lists wisely and often we find certain ingredients unavailable and shelves empty … read more

The Great CARB Debate

With a new year well on its way, we often hear from people making food resolutions…eat healthier, lose weight and maybe cook a few more meals at home (yeah!) One of the most persistent topics is the push to eliminate … read more

Healthy Christmas

Healthy Holiday Tips

  As the holiday season ramps up, food is a huge focus! Here are some tips for keeping your holiday season a healthy balanced one!   1)Load up on the Veggies first -Fill half your plate with veggies or at … read more

To Salt or Not to Salt??

If you have ever been in the kitchen with a professional chef you would be shocked at the amount of “seasoning” that goes on…often heaping handfuls of salt going into pots and dishes during cooking. A good chef knows the … read more

STIR celebrates….Cinco de Mayo!

The 5th of May marks the date of the annual celebration of the Mexican Army’s victory over the French Empire at the battle of Puebla, May 5, 1862. In the USA, Cinco de Mayo has become associated with a celebration … read more

Is the best diet for 2019 no diet at all?

The new year is classically a time when after a few too many sugar plums… we start dieting.  Unfortunately diets imply going on a diet and going off a diet, which usually means weight loss or positive changes to healthier … read more