THE ENERGY EDGE – How to get the most from your food

  Energy is defined as: The ability to do work or The strength and vitality for sustained mental or physical activity *Vitality/Vigour/Spirit/Verve/Zest/Spark/Enthusiasm/Ebullience/Exuberism   We would all like to have more energy or at least be able to get more energy … read more

Kimchi, a Fermented Korean Staple

I still remember my very first taste of kimchi.  I received a jar of homemade kimchi from my friend, Trish for my birthday.  The pungent aroma was followed by its deep, funky flavour. I was hooked and soon after I … read more

Healthy Holiday Food Strategies

1]  STOCK the Freezer! Take a few hours each weekend to make a few simple meals to have on hand when things get crazy. You could make a simple tomato sauce and use that as a base for Chili, Spaghetti … read more

Lunch Box Blues Contest!

THE “LUNCH BOX BLUES” CONTEST  ~ $500+ PRIZE PACKAGE ~  Dear Valued Contestant, As with every contest, please read the Fine Print! Are lunches a major source of arguments, worry, stress or heartache in your house? Stir Cooking School and … read more

Lunch Box Blues?

 Most parents dread this part of the back to school routine.  STIR have some helpful suggestions to get you off on the right foot.   1-LEFTOVERS! Whether it’s last night’s curry warmed up in a thermos, quinoa made into a … read more

Why Take a Cooking Class?

Learn new skills in the kitchen. Connect with others who are keen to learn about food and cooking. Improve your health. Become inspired and confident to create meals in your own kitchen. Acquire simple, nourishing recipes that you can use … read more

Kind words about STIR…

“Absolutely loved the Rawkolates Workshop tonight! I learned so much and the chocolate is the best ever.”       Colleen Koot “Absolutely loved the kombucha work shop the other night learned so much, loved how healthy it is for you. … read more

STIR Cooking School

STIR Cooking School wants to invite you to “stir up your kitchen” with healthy, creative classes for seasoned cooks and rookies. We believe cooking is a vital skill connecting people to their food sources and each other. Through hands on … read more