Kimchi Workshop

October 19 at Pomme Natural Market.

Learn how to make your own batch of this fermented Korean side dish.

Join us for this demonstration of the complete kimchi process. We will talk about the health benefits of fermented foods as well as giving you some culinary inspiration on how to use kimchi in your kitchen. Recipes and samples provided. This class is gluten-free and vegan. 10% off storewide.

Ticket includes a 2 litre mason jar in which to ferment as well as Korean chili flakes for your first batch.

Kimchi Workshop at Pomme

Mason Jar Meals

These make-ahead meals in a jar will  simplify your meal planning an prep.  STIR will demonstrate how to create a nutritious breakfast, lunch and dinner to please everyone in the family.  Recipes and samples provided.  ticket includes a meal in a mason jar for you to take home

Mason Jar Meals

Mediterranean Cooking Class

Explore the diverse flavours of the Meditteranean region with this demo-style cooking class. What is the Mediterranean Diet? This style of eating features plant based foods ie. fruit, vegetables, whole grains, legumes and nuts. Olive oil is the main source of fat with fish and poultry as protein sources. The Mediterranean Diet suggests red wine (in moderation) and the enjoyment of meals with family and friends contribute to the health benefits. Join us as we cook and pair using Mediterranean ingredients and influences. Includes 4 wine pairings.

The Mediterranean Class


Sprouting Workshop at Pomme

Ticket includes a Now Real Food Sprouting Jar with Stainless Steel Mesh Top

This workshop includes a demonstration of sprout recipes with samples, how-to-sprout instructions and a sprout tasting.

By the end of the evening you will be a confident sprouter and will know how to grow and use various seeds, grains and legume sprouts!

This class is gluten-free and vegan.   You will also receive 10% off storewide when you shop after the class.


Sprouting Workshop at Pomme

Three Easy Dinners

Fast, easy, nourishing meals will be featured in this hands-on cooking class. Learn how to save time in the kitchen while enhancing the nutrition of each meal! We’ll also create a nutritious dessert.




Three Easy Dinners

Super Bowl Meals

Do you find feeding a picky family or friends challenging and frustrating? BOWLS are the latest and greatest way to feed a group with varying food interests, intolerances, likes and dislikes. They are creative, tasty and most importantly easy! At this class we will prep, create and sample Fiesta Burrito Bowls and Asian Flavour Bowls with a variety of sauces to accompany them. These can easily be reproduced at home for your family or for entertaining!  More info and to register.

Fermented Foods Everyday

Learn fun and creative ways to include fermented foods in meals and snacks each day to boost the nutritional content and probiotic goodness.  Together, we will be making mains, sides, and condiments from existing fermented foods to demonstrate how simple it can be to incorporate these healthy foods into your culinary routine.

More info and to register

High Energy Snacks

Do you lack energy at certain times during the day? Do you find yourself turning to caffeine and sugar for a pick up? Do you need ideas for healthy school-friendly snacks? Join STIR Cooking School and Pomme Natural Markets to learn new healthy, nutrient-dense snacks that are easy to prepare and taste great! STIR Cooking School will demo and provide samples of three delicious, healthy snacks to help avoid those low energy slumps and get a fresh start on new year.


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Kimchi Workshop

Make your own batch of this fermented Korean sidedish.  Join us for this hands-on workshop to create your own batch of kimchi – ready to take home and ferment. We will sample different kimchi batches and also learn how to use it in creative ways in your everyday cooking.


More information and registration.

Miso Workshop and Sake Tasting with Naoko Jokoji

In this workshop Naoko will demonstrate how to make your own miso at home. She will also prepare three traditional recipes featuring miso. Each dish will be paired with a sake sample.  Naoko moved to Vancouver Island from Toyko, Japan in 1999. Naoko is passionate about preserving and teaching Japanese food traditions. She is currently a student at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition.

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