Enjoy the holidays season even more with these Holiday Survival Suggestions:


1) Give yourself some wiggle room

Eat healthy 80-90% of the time and give yourself permission to enjoy your favourite things once in awhile


2) Keep the Stress at Bay

If you let up on your healthy eating and exercise routine you will feel even more stressed, Schedule in your workouts and food plan ahead for those super busy weeks.


3) Don’t starve yourself and then overdo it!

Eat a little lighter but eat normally on a day when you are going to have a big night out.Focus on the people and conversation rather than the food.


4) Overboard at a Party?

Don’t beat yourself up just try and eat healthy the whole next day and you’ll feel better!


5) Bring your own!

When you are invited to a potluck or appetizer party you can bring a delicious healthier option and you’ll know that you’ll have at least one healthy dish to enjoy!


6) Practice Saying NO

it’s okay to say no thanks when you are offered a dish you don’t want to eat,be polite but assertive!


7) Drink lots of water

If you are having alcohol, alternate with a glass of water. Skip the higher sugar punches and cocktails and have a light beer, a glass of wine or alcohol with soda.


8) Move more

Use parking lots, staircases and malls as an opportunity to put in the steps. Suggest a family walk after a big meal or plan your gathering around an activity like a hike, skate, or X-country ski followed by a steaming bowl of chili or hearty soup.