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    THE ENERGY EDGE – How to get the most from your food

      Energy is defined as: The ability to do work or The strength and vitality for sustained mental or physical activity *Vitality/Vigour/Spirit/Verve/Zest/Spark/Enthusiasm/Ebullience/Exuberism   We would all like to have more energy or at least be able to get more energy … read more

    Kimchi, a Fermented Korean Staple

    I still remember my very first taste of kimchi.  I received a jar of homemade kimchi from my friend, Trish for my birthday.  The pungent aroma was followed by its deep, funky flavour. I was hooked and soon after I … read more

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    Superfoods Class

    "I was thrilled to be invited to participate in the Superfood Snacks class put on by our Stir Cooking School. I met eager ladies wanting to learn new and fresh ideas for healthy snacks for our families. I received lots of nutritional tips and how really easy it is.  This is a great school to have fun and learn new foods and processes for healthy eating.  Great class Ladies and thanks for sharing your healthy knowledge!"   


    Mary Alyward

    Kombucha Workshop

    Absolutely loved the Kombucha workshop!! Momma Scoby home safe and sound and I am eagerly anticipating birthing scoby babies!!! Excellent work ladies...can't wait for more!


    Brenda Leach