Let us Stir up your workplace!

The kitchen is a familiar and powerful environment for simulating the challenges of working together as a team to achieve a specific outcome.

Cooking based team building fosters open communication, problem solving, time management, co-operation and creativity!

Give us a call or send us a note to discuss your company’s Culinary Team Building Event Today!
Prices will vary depending on what you’d like to cook, number of employees and rental costs.
Average event $50.00-75.00 per person
(you can give us a budget to work with as well)

Cooperative Team Cooking

Each group works on a different course then sits down together at the end to enjoy the meal.

Cook’s Demo

A great reward for deserving staff.  Stir will demonstrate a complete meal; you sit back, relax and enjoy the dishes.


Our version of the popular culinary challenge TV show.  Three groups will prepare dishes from ingredients found in their mystery boxes.  After voting on the best dish, sit down and enjoy the creations together.


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