Healthy Christmas


As the holiday season ramps up, food is a huge focus! Here are some tips for keeping your holiday season a healthy balanced one!


1)Load up on the Veggies first

-Fill half your plate with veggies or at an appetizer party zero in on the veggie platter.


2)Bring the Healthy stuff

-if you are asked to bring a dish bring a veggie-heavy option that way there is always a guaranteed healthy option for you!


3) Savour every bite

-eat slowly, savour the flavours! When there is an overabundance of food we tend to eat faster and end up over-eating!


4)Take a break

-stop during your meal and ask yourself if you are still enjoying it. Sometimes when we take a break we realize we are already satisfied.



-try alternating between alcohol and plain or sparkling water.  If you are having a mixed drink,use soda water for the mix.


6)Get Moving

-take a 15-20 minute brisk walk after you eat to help stabilize blood sugar and ease digestion.


7)Plan Activities

-plan a skating, X-country skiing, hiking or snowshoe outing followed by a casual chili party! get out and shovel the snow! Keeping active during the holidays is really important to help balance the food focus.


8)Lose the Guilt

-this is a time of celebration and enjoying friends and family! Allow your self to enjoy the season just try to manage your choices every day.


9)Cook Healthy Food

-get in the kitchen and cook up a healthy veggie soup/stew, add some legumes and enjoy for lunch or dinner whenever you can to take a break from the richer meals!


10)Sign up for a STIR Cooking Class!

Learn to cook something new,fun and healthy we have some great classes planned for 2020!